The Correlation of Creative Design Implemented in Business Strategies

In our digital world today, data is accumulated in almost all aspects of the business, and many companies are pressured to focus on the data and create strategies out of them. However, the data that we’ve obtained doesn’t include the fact that the overall design has a huge impact on how they can lose potential customers even before the products are launched in the digital space.

With that being said, it’s better for businesses to focus their attention on both the data and the design if they want to continue competing in the digital industry.

Why a Good Creative Design Is Essential in Every Business

Your design speaks for itself – when properly executed, it tells a story and it can communicate with your customers. They say that a picture paints a thousand words; that can be applied in the creative aspect of your business as well.

Your potential customers should be able to see a bigger picture of what your business is all about – starting from your website, to all your social media accounts, physical locations and even the way you get in touch with them through e-mails. You need to show a unique branding that sets you apart from other companies, and it has been found out that organisations that fail to do this often end up with a slower growth pace.

As a business, you want to leave a lasting impression on the potential customer, and oftentimes, creative visuals can take care of this problem. A well-designed concept should be consistent with your business website, logo, marketing materials, promotional blogs, images, packaging, and social media posts.

Building a strong and good creative design will leave an imprint on your potential customers, helping improve your brand identity. Doing so also makes it easier for you to convey the information you want to share with your audience, tell your story, and build rapport with your potential customers.

Businesses Focusing on Creative Design Get Results

They do – most of the time.

Adobe likes to call this the “Design Advantage”. They have mentioned that businesses that do this often retain the best employees, retain more customers and outweigh their competitors. It may sound simple, but this has a huge impact on your overall sales.

When companies focus on visual engagement from the beginning, they have greater chances of attracting more customers, continuously using this strategy to grow their engagement and get better leads.

There’s no denying that companies are starting to gain traction in this digital age, and you’ll often find a lot of these companies now focusing on social media and content marketing strategies. This is because embracing their markets and continuously engaging with them has been shown to provide greater returns. Social media platforms are usually visual – you’ll find a huge ton of videos, images and countless media that consumers love.

Because of the fast-paced digital marketing industry, 71% of businesses have noted that they are not producing online and social media content that’s 10 times more than their regular marketing materials. Customers are looking for great content and visuals when they engage with a brand online. You may want to incorporate these great experiences into your visual design to generate more leads and sales.

According to Kleiner Perkins’ Design Partner John Maeda, top companies are those that have leading materials in terms of creative design. Other companies who aren’t willing to invest their marketing capital in this strategy usually fall behind. Some businesses think that the investment is too huge and that the ROI will fall – but at the end of the day, these companies usually are left behind and oftentimes forgotten by the consumers. Bigger industries know better – they focus on the more important aspects of their business and they understand the importance of creative design, thus implementing it and adding to their top business strategy.

Here’s a simple statistical report to prove it: Design Management Institute has found out that companies focusing on creative design have outperformed other companies by 219% in terms of their S&P Index fund for the past decade. So it’s worth employing experts in this field, such as graphic design services in Hampshire.