3 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

The process of recruitment can be costly to an organisation as well as take up a lot of precious time; in fact, even once the process is complete it may not yield the expected results. Top talent is highly regarded by all employers – those people that can make a real difference to the success of the company. For HR departments, the challenge is a tricky one as they are relied on to constantly bring in a flow of talent, making sure that the talent is the best match for the organisation, including its culture. Indeed, in the buoyant job market, things are even more difficult as there is rather fierce competition between employers as to getting the employees with the best skills and experience.

How does a recruitment agency come into play in hiring professionals? Below are a just a few of the practical benefits:

1. They Are Able to Identify Talent

A recruitment agency works with both the employer who is looking for talent and the professionals who are hoping to find a new career. This puts them in an ideal ‘middle person’ position. As well as this, recruitment consultants have a priceless skill set of being able to avoid a bad hire; they are aware of who wants to find a new position, what they are capable of, and what type of salary they would be happy with.

Once an employer has set up a new vacancy and laid out the criteria, the recruitment agency can set about identifying the right candidates. At times, the best candidate is someone who is not actively job-hunting but is open to offers should the perfect opportunity present itself. Since recruitment consultants have developed strong networks they know exactly how to locate such people.

The extensive knowledge of each segment that makes up the job market is another benefit that comes with hiring a recruitment agency. The agency can study the goals of the company and then source the talent that will be a perfect match.

2. They Can Advertise the Right Way

Some employers may find themselves advertising for a vacancy yet not receiving applications that fit what they need. They may need an employee that has niche skills but all of the CVs lack such expeerinece. The problem can often be down to poor marketing; the people with the niche skills don’t know about the job as they haven’t even seen the advertisement.

A great benefit that comes with recruitment agencies is that they will most certainly advertise online and on the high street, but they don’t stop there. They will then make active attempts to find the right person for the job description. They may do this by contacting a person directly who they already have had contact with in the past and tell them about the job that is currently on offer. Professionals who are not currently seeking out new work may be tempted by the right vacancy.

3. They Can Aid in Salary Negotiation

It can be a complete nightmare for an employer when they use a lot of time and effort to go through the entire recruitment process and feel that they have found the ideal candidate, only to discover that the salary expectations of each party could not be more different. Before there is even a word about salary negotiations, a recruitment agency like The Recruitment Lab will often aid employers in benchmarking remuneration and may even assist them in using resources such as the Robert Half Salary Guide so that they can have better insight into trends. In addition, a recruitment agency can play a key role in salary negotiation itself. They can work for the interests of both parties in helping them to agree on a package that each feels is acceptable. When both the employer and potential employee are aware of the expectations of each other from the outset, striking a deal becomes a lot more possible.