How To Hire and Work with an Interior Designer

A third party’s perspective of your home can be a crucial ingredient when planning a redesign of your home’s interior design and decor. A professional interior designer who can identify potential problems and areas of improvements within your home and know how to add a touch of imagination and creativity to your residence is like having an angel sent from above to come and make your life better! An interior designer will consider your budget, time limits, and also do all the research required to execute a successful home improvement project so that you don’t have to do any legwork. Choosing the right professional your project is vital – you need to not only love their creative prowess but also be able to communicate effectively with them so that your vision and goals are clearly understood from the onset.

How to Locate a Good Interior Designer

To find the right interior designer for your project, recommendations are an excellent place to start. You can go to your local home decor store and ask them to recommend a couple of reputable interior designers within your area. Begin by going online and following individuals whose creative style you like or visit the British Institute of Interior Design website and use their ‘Find an Interior Design’ tool to find a professional near your area or city. Searching for terms like ‘bespoke interior design UK‘ can help you find what you need.

How To Choose an Interior Designer

Make sure you and your interior designer can talk and understand each other perfectly before bringing them on board. You can begin with an initial interview. “Ask to see any previous projects the designer has worked on”, says Michael Rasky, a professional interior designer based in Los Angeles. He adds, “You don’t have to like everything they have done but their overall craftsmanship and quality of work should be exceptional. I prefer meeting at the project site and discuss various aspects of the project before entering into a formal agreement. It’s important to have some form of connection from the beginning.”

Where To Begin When Working with an Interior Designer

Establish how much money you want to spend and inform your interior designer what your exact budget is. Let them know how much you want to be involve in the project – do you prefer letting the designer make most of the project decision or do you want to be more hands-on? Remember to stay open to new suggestions and ideas throughout the course of the project as this is what you expect when working with a professional.

Questions to Ask at The Initial Interview with an Interior Designer

Ask your interior designer if they have a favourite project they have worked on and what are some of things that stand out in that specific project. What do they think is the best way to go about your project? Ask if you can talk to any of their previous clients and also how they intend to handle the project from start to finish.

“How much the designer talks about crucial details of your projects, asks questions and listens to your needs and expectations are good indicators of how suitable they are to handle your project. I really like to get to know how they will use the space when the redesign is finished and also how the project will be ‘future-proofed’ so that the property owner doesn’t have to incur any further renovation costs in the near future,” notes Geraldine Morley, CEO of Geraldine Morley Interior Design.

Things to Remember when Hiring an Interior Designer

Makes sure that the designer you want to hire is both insured and qualified. If everything checks out, all you are left to do is sit back and watch them do their magic. “Consider what you are going to do with the space you are redesigning,” suggests Zoe Louise, Ginger & Green Creative Director. “I have 3 kids so my home needs to be both practical and liveable. I always evaluate how my client will use a space and factor these things when making important design decisions.