Layering: Dress Smartly For The Present Weather, Not The Desired Weather!

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Experiencing All Four Seasons Within a Day

When it comes to early Spring, it’s important to keep in mind that even though the morning may be cold and frosty, the temperature will rise significantly by mid-afternoon. This is why layering is both practical and fashionable this season. The key is to have layers that can be easily removed. It’s best to avoid outfits that only look good when all the layers are in place. If you need to wear knitwear due to the weather, opt for a cardigan that can be unbuttoned or draped over your shoulders for a preppy vibe.

Key Spring Fashions

To ensure that your Spring layers remain stylish and functional, incorporate trendy features. If the weather doesn’t permit you to wear your desired light floral print dress, there’s no need to worry. You can try layering it over a long-sleeve T-shirt for a nostalgic 90s-inspired look. If the cold temperatures are too much for bare legs, you can wear tights under your skirt, opting for the fashionable heart print of the season. This season, Sheer fabrics, lingerie-inspired details, and oversized tailoring are prominent trends. When combined, these elements create a fashionable layered look for your nights out without leaving you feeling cold.

Go for Colour

Part of how we express the changing seasons in our clothing choices is by incorporating different colours. During the winter, we tend to gravitate towards deeper and richer hues. However, as spring approaches, these colours can sometimes make us feel a bit uninspired. To combat this, embrace the dominant shades of the season: candy floss pink and mint green. If pastel tones are not your preference, consider incorporating an electrifying cobalt blue. By layering a coloured shirt and tailored jacket over your reliable winter base layer, such as a long-sleeve t-shirt, you can instantly give your outfit a more spring-like feel, even when the weather doesn’t seem to align.

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The scarf is the ultimate essential for layering, particularly as the seasons change. From cosy knit scarves to lightweight cotton and linen wraps, they offer warmth and style when transitioning to outfits with more open necklines in the Spring. Scarves are versatile accessories that can add patterns to plain outfits or blend colours and textures while layering. As for hats, this season’s trend is statement hats, such as adorned cowboy hats or oversized fedoras. Besides being fashionable, hats also provide warmth, so they can serve as a practical layer, as long as you’re prepared to deal with hat hair when you take them off.

Combine Fabrics

Layering different fabrics not only provides warmth but also gives your outfit a textured and multidimensional appearance. Although sheer fabrics are currently popular, layering them over a thicker lycra base adds warmth and makes them more comfortable to wear. Combining these fabrics creates a sleek and streamlined silhouette. Additionally, for a classic spring look, lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton can be used as a top layer and easily carried in your bag if the weather gets warmer.

Rephrase Layering your garments can be a great choice when it comes to incorporating fashionable elements like chiffon and crochet. It allows you to explore different colours and patterns in your outfit. Although the cold weather won’t last forever, layering serves as a reliable fashion strategy during the unpredictable transition to Spring, enabling you to embrace trendy styles without any reservations.