What’s the Purpose of Photography?

It is widely believed that the purpose of photography is to document and communicate moments in time.
When you capture an image and send it to others, you are sharing a moment that was documented through a picture. This moment in time can say a lot in terms of what people were doing at the time and the kind of environment they were in.

For instance, if you are a journalistic photographer who works in a busy metropolitan, the images you capture will be looked back to many years from now. When people from decades or a century see the images, they’ll be able to see and have an idea of what the world was like.

If you are a wedding photographer, the couple who have hired you depend on you to document all the special moments of this memorable event. The aim is to capture as many moments of love, romance, happiness and excitement. These images will be cherished for many years to come.

If you are a school photographer, the school who have hired you are dependent on your patience and skill to capture the child’s education.

8 Reasons Why Photography is Crucial

Photography is an art and a vision at the same time. Regardless of your technical expertise, taking photos is crucial for people’s lives and history. Here are 8 reasons why photography is crucial.

Photos Showcase Important Moments

In our homes and phone galleries, we have pictures that are precious to us. The reason why photography is crucial is that it freezes moments in time. It records a moment in time so that you can be able to remember and cherish it in future.

If you consider the photos people have in their albums, usually it pictures of their friends, family members, dogs, cats, precious items and places that they adore. You capture images of things that are important to you. All of the pictures to take have a story to tell.

A Peak into The Past

Photos have immense power because they help us learn and understand history. Individuals connect with photos and they show how the world was before the present time.

Photos Tell Stories

Every photo has a story to tell. By simply looking at a photo, you can tell a lot of things:
How are they feeling?

How old are they?
Where are they?
What do they like?

If you’re looking at pictures you have captured of your loved ones, you are likely to remember that specific moment and there is definitely a story behind the photo.

Photos Elicit Emotions

Have you ever looked at a photo that you are in and immediately identified with the emotions you were feeling when the picture was taken? That’s the power of a picture.

Self Expression

Another important reason why photography is important is because it gives you an avenue to express yourself. It’s an amazing creative outlet that allows you to express how you look and feel. It also provides you with an avenue to showcase what you believe and more importantly what you love.

Photography Provides Inspiration

Photography can inspire you to celebrate moments, enjoy life, travel the world and become more conscious of various aspects of life.

Build Connections

Through photography, you can meet so many beautiful and amazing people, and also establish life-long relationships.

Photography Doesn’t Judge

Regardless of your race, gender, or age, you can capture moments and take photos. You don’t need an expensive camera to be a photographer.