Why You Need to Use a Recruitment Agency like Ours More than Ever Before

It isn’t necessary for me to bring out any of the well-worn phrases describing the situation that we are all currently faced with. These are tough times for everyone. Businesses of every size are struggling and many people are losing their jobs.

However, many employers are still wanting to recruit. When budgets are tight we understand it can be tempting to try to do everything on your own and not hire a specialist marketing recruitment firm such as ours. We understand. However, we also want to say that there are many reasons to reconsider this. It could save you valuable time and money.

Unprecedented High Numbers of Applicants

Due to the factors discussed above, unprecedented numbers of applicants are being received by those who are recruiting. Recently a Manchester restaurant received more than 900 applications for only one position. In some parts of the UK, 50 people are pursuing each job vacancy. The Institute for Employment Studies has data that shows the ratio of benefits claimants to positions in some areas is as high as 103 to 1.

It is an enormous undertaking to go through all of the applications, find the most relevant candidates to interview, and then respond to everyone to inform them how successful they have or have not been. Also, many smaller companies that might be hiring might not always have the necessary experience for reviewing applications and CVs as thoroughly as they need to be.

Having Many Applicants Doesn’t Mean You Have the Right Applicant

It can be even more difficult and time-consuming to find the right candidate for a specialist marketing role. Just because you have 50 applicants who have applied for a position doesn’t mean that any of them are the right ones. We see this on a daily basis as professional recruiters. Many people apply for positions without understanding what is involved in a role or don’t have the relevant experience.

How to Successfully Approach the Recruitment Process

If you are currently trying to recruit you must make sure that your recruitment team is capable of dealing with the number of applications that you are receiving.

A plan of action is needed for how to respond fairly and quickly to all applicants (including those that you are not advancing). Your recruitment brand must be protected to ensure that every applicant has a positive experience with your company. It helps to have a professionally written advertisement that will attract the best candidates for your position. It is also important to be smart about how you spend your advertising budget to ensure you can advertise online to all of the relevant job boards.

How Our Recruitment Agency Can Help You

There are several ways that we at Stopgap can assist you.

  • Recruitment specialists: Our team of dedicated and experienced recruiters can access our comprehensive database that covers candidates across all of the different areas of digital recruitment and marketing. They also have the necessary expertise for managing multiple applicants, responding to everyone, and interviewing people before we recommend anyone for your role. We understand how to support you and assist you with managing your company’s brand expertly and professionally.
  • In-house recruitment support: When you have a short-term need for increasing your in-house recruitment team, our agency has experienced creative, digital, and marketing recruiters who can work on a freelance basis with you to do everything that you would expect your in-house recruiters to do including advertising your role, reviewing applicants, and conducting initial interviews.
  • Advertise and filter: We can advertise your role and filter the candidates for a very cost-effective one-off fee. We will respond to those who are not right for the role and pass on only the most relevant candidates for you to review and manage.

Finally, we are always very happy to offer advice and chat with you about the best way for your company to move forward with your digital recruitment and marketing, depending on what your specific needs are.

Having numerous applicants isn’t the same thing as having the right applicant.