What is a Nanny?

What is a Nanny?

A nanny can be described as a competent child care provider and/or a person experienced in providing childcare. Certified nursery nurses/nannies are generally trained to deliver educational development and care to kids from birth up to 7 years. The nannies enlisted can either be on a live-out or live-in program. This will largely be contingent on the preferences and domestic needs of the family in general. However, you should note that live-out nannies often make more money compared to live-in nannies.

The role of a Nanny

A nanny should work in liaison with the family to ensure the safety and overall mental, physical, and emotional development of the child(ren). This includes duties like changing and doing the child’s laundry, ensuring the equipment, rooms, and toys used by the child are clean, not to mention the child’s meals and feeding. It is also the responsibility of the nanny to drop off and pick up the kids from nurseries or schools. Other activities like visiting the library and swimming will be among the nanny’s duties so as to support the educational and social development of the children.


Make sure to review the background and employment history of the interviewee. If there any gaps in their resume, ask him/her to explain themselves. Nanny insurance.


If qualifications are needed, request the job aspirant to come with original certificates and make sure to review them carefully. To obtain more details on how to check certificates and qualifications, make sure to check the nanny job details section given by the Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education (CACHE).


To cover all your bases, talk about how behavioural issues of the child will be handled given how your approach to discipline may be different from the nanny’s.


What skills does the nanny in question possess and how will S/he use them to enhance the child’s educational and social development?


Since the applicant will be with your little one(s) most of the time, it’s integral that you guarantee their safety. So make sure to ask them a lot of hypothetical questions to see whether they are adept at avoiding safety hazards.

The nanny should have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and any kind of role needed. For this reason, they will need a job description that gives comprehensive details of that position.

You should also choose the ideal time to introduce the nanny to the child. Their first encounter is very crucial. Do it after the interview has ended.

How to find a Nanny

Traditionally, people used nanny agencies to find a nanny. Since agencies aren’t emotionally invested, they may skimp on their recruitment process and identify incompetent candidates that will only bring trouble to your doorstep. Don’t rely on the agency’s word for it, call previous employers to check their conduct.

Like everything else in this digital society, the best to find anything is by scouring the web. Consider visiting nannyjob.co.uk. to get the best nannies on the market. Applicants’ references must be review and counter-checked, and previous employers called.