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The Construction and Benefits Of Triple Glazing

The past decade has seen many homeowners embrace and switch to double-glazing to improve their home’s energy efficiency. The more effective and efficient triple-glazing has since overtaken this technology. More and more homeowners in Scandinavia now prefer triple glazing, and with good reason. Triple glazing offers superior thermal performance, among several other benefits. Is triple glazing worth it, or is it a mere luxury product? You may well ask. With temperatures less extreme in the UK as compared to Scandinavia, would it be sensible to invest in triple glazed windows? We will discuss the construction of triple glazing and how it could be beneficial for your home.

What Is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing uses 3 glass panes (instead of two as in double glazing) with an inert gas (krypton, xenon, or argon) used to fill the cavity between the panes. The three panes, cavity, and inert gas work together to provide improved and even better thermal efficiency.

How Does Triple Glazing Work?

Triple glazing isn’t all about the additional pane of glass but the inert gas pumped into the pockets for improved thermal performance. The inert gasses are relatively heavier than atmospheric gases, making them the perfect choice for blocking heat and noise transfer. The three panes used wouldn’t, therefore, be effective enough to stop heat and noise transfer, another reason these gases are essential in this application. Manufacturers also use one thick glass pane in the construction to help improve audio and thermal protection. The thick glass pane reflects and absorbs most of the soundwaves and heat, allowing the other panes and the gasses to handle the rest.

Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Triple glazed windows have an average U-value of 0.8, with some going much lower than this. Building Regulations in the UK recommend windows with a U-value of 1.6 and lower. Although double-glazed windows can achieve this easily, triple glazing improves your home’s thermal performance, which translates to lower energy bills.

2. Soundproofing

Do you have a noisy neighbour or living in a boisterous neighbourhood? Those living within proximity of rail lines, flight paths, busy roads, industrial zones, as well as playgrounds, farms, and schools, have their fair share of noise pollution, something they don’t have control over. Triple glazing offers exceptional soundproofing and can help reduce noise pollution in your house by up to 54 decibels. Investing in an excellent triple glazing system can thus make your home more comfortable than it already is.

3. Privacy

Sound insulation works both ways; it protects you from noises outside and your neighbours too. This is particularly essential if you have a musical teenager in the house. The triple-glazed windows provide adequate insulation to prevent loud music from escaping the house. The three panes, especially those with a tint, help prevent a direct line of sight into the house. Nosey neighbours and passers-by will thus find it almost impossible to see inside your home.

4. Comfort

Triple glazing not only protects your home from loud noises and heat but also keeps unpleasant draughts out. You will never have to worry about cold draughts sweeping through the house in the mornings or evenings. It is thus one of the most significant investments for your family’s peace and comfort.

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