Record-Breaking Trucks

HGVs and trucks have been predominant seen on our roads, cruising along the motorways with their classic well-known brand names – the Dentressangles and the Stobarts of the world. Constants and dependable presence on our roads. We have already grown accustomed to the trucking industry – we know it will make its pathway from point A to C to E delivering their loads on schedule.

But what about the non-conformist? What about the truck brands that have etched their name into the history books as the all-time great?

The Record-Breaking Trucks!

Like a Truck Jumping a Lotus?
Yeah, that kind of thing.

We have already had the pleasure of seeing trucks used as bodies over which to leap over in the bygone days. Remember how Evel Knievel used to leap trucks regularly?

In a bold action, Mike Ryan, a man renowned for his unorthodox tactics in a truck, broke the from the norm and in 2014 decided that he would do the complete opposite and leap a lorry over a Lotus F1 car – and just like that the chap got himself into the Guinness Book of World Records by leaping over 87 feet.

Back the Truck Up! The Record Reverser

There was also Marco Hellgrewe, a German driver who in September 2008, come up with an idea that it would be a jolly thing to see how far he was capable of reversing an HGV.

Because, why not?

In his endeavour, he went with his HGV training force with a track in Bergen, Germany where he proceeding to reverse the HGV truck for five hours and twenty-one minutes and covering a distance of 39.7 miles.

You can only wonder, how he didn’t go crazy with the beeping sound of the reverse-gear for all those hours continuously.

A bit on the side

At the same time, in Austria, just across the border (even though it was a couple of years earlier in 2004), there was another amazing spectacle to be seen. With his 7420 kg Steyr 891 truck, Johann Redl went to Wels Airport where he proceeding to drive the vehicle for over 10 miles on two wheels.

Now, we just have to give it up and give that guy the praises he so deserves. But is it as incredible as James Bond pulling a wheelie with a lorry and steering a tank on its side to swerve a bazooka?

I don’t think so.

All aboard the road train

Australia is a pretty big area which very little happening in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, very nice, but not much, that I guarantee you.

This will see you travel for considerably long, straight roads as get from one side to the other. The barrenness and scale of the land play a major role in the culture of driving trucks in the country and is what has brought about road trains.

The road train is basically one really, really, long truck. Consisting of several trailers, the trucks will move swiftly along the open roads in the heartland of Australia delivering freights to their destination.