Planning A Trip To Borneo? Here Are The Top 5 Things You Should Do On Your Visit

If you are feeling like exploring the beauty of nature or enjoying numerous adventures on your next trip to Malaysia, the island of Borneo is the place to visit. The States of Sarawak and Sabah which are found on the island have many impenetrable rainforests that are teeming with rare wildlife. Additionally, the island is habituated by amazing people who follow different cultures which means that there will be plenty for you to explore.

Below, we will explore some of the activities that you must try out on your next holiday in Borneo

  1. Enjoy the Beauty of the Unique Marine Life at Sipadan

The clear water around the coast Sipadan island in Borneo are home to unique wildlife that you rarely find anywhere else in the world. Sipadan is an island that is less than 40 acres which is covered by a forest of green trees. At the Sipadan coast, you can relax on sandy beaches while a hawksbill turtle swims nearby or alternatively, you can visit the shallow reef plateaus on the island to observe the brilliant-yellow snapper fish and bat fish. Additionally, you can also dive in the crystal-clear water to observe unique marine formations such as black corals. At Sipadan, you are likely to learn more about marine life in its natural habitat than you will anywhere else in the world given that the waters surrounding the island have more than 3,000 species of fish.

  1. Hike The First UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malaysia

Borneo is home to Mount Kinabalu – the highest mountain between New Guinea and the Himalayas. Apart from being a UNESCO world heritage site, the mountain also happens to have the highest ferrata in the world which towers to 3776 meters above sea level. Enjoy a hike through one of the well-maintained paths and in the process do not forget to enjoy what nature has to offer. If you have an interest in botany, you will be amazed at what you will find as you hike Mount Kinabalu. The mountain cover has more than 1,200 plant species, over 1,200 orchid varieties and the largest moss carpet in the entire world.

  1. Follow the Source of Kinabatangan River

Following Kinabatangan River upstream is the best way to get through to the interior of Borneo. As you head upstream, you will come across many different traditional tribesmen from different communities, pygmy elephants and proboscis monkeys. If you are looking to see the smallest elephant species in Asia as well as many different species of wildlife in their natural habitat, you should definitely book tour of this river. As you cruise along the river, you will easily be able to spot crocodiles, orangutang and monitor lizards sunning themselves close to the banks as hornbills and kingfishers fly overhead.

  1. Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Locals in Borneo thrive on rice, noodles, fish and locally grown vegetables. Because of their diet, you will likely find that your food is prepared in a clay pot when you stop for a meal. As you enjoy what the island to offer, you will likely be spoilt choice when it comes to picking your meals. From fish-based delicacies, noodle broth, tofu to vegetables, there will be many delectable to keep you full. The most popular dish in Borneo is Sabah – Filtered mackerel which has been infused with chilli, ginger, bambangan seed and lime.

  1. Enjoy the Cultural Events

The Sarawak Cultural Village is a cultural festival held deep in the heart of Borneo rainforests which is designed to preserve the culture and lifestyle of the local tribes on the island. The cultural village also usually hosts the Annual Rainforest World Music Festival – an event that runs for three days which can at times attracts as many as 24,000 people.

The festival which started back in 1998 usually attracts artistes from all over the globe who then perform on stage alongside indigenous and local musicians. At the Sarawak Cultural Village which is held at the foot of Mount Santubong, you will get a personal experience on the local way of life and culture as well as learn the local customs and dances. During the day, you can take part in one of the many educational workshops designed to educate tourists on the local way of life in Borneo.