This is the Best Novel Mystery by Agatha Christie

The Murder at the VicarageSpeaking of a mystery novel there are certainly a number of writers who are famous for the mystery novels they have written. One of them is a writer named Agatha Christie. A writer of this fact has already presented some novel titles of mystery stories that have attracted many people.

Even the story that has been poured in the novel as if able to make the poker online readers feel very curious about the story that is in it. Many of those who do not want to treat just like the final story of the novel. Of the many novels that have been presented of course there are some mystery novels by Agatha Christie works best and you should read. Here are some options:

– The Murder at the Vicarage

This one novel tells the story of Colonel Protheroe’s murder. With the presence of a rural English backdrop, of course anyone could be the culprit. Until finally the woman who had white hair with the name of Miss Marple able to reveal who actually the perpetrators in the murder case.

And Then There Were None– And Then There Were None

The fans of the Clue game and love the mystery story certainly love this one novel. In the novel contains a story of death one by one from guests who are on the island.
Why Did not They Ask Evans?

In a novel this one tells the story of a handsome man who has ended his life on a cliff. Even then he left some mysterious words, “why not ask Evans? Surely this leaves a number of questions to them. Surely you as a reader even more curious about the story that is in the novel.

Those were the titles of the mystery novel presented by the famous author Agatha Christie. At least with a variety of titles you can read one novel with a very tense story. Do not let you miss just a few stories of mystery in the novel.

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