The Best Mystery Novel With The Tale of a Puzzle

Novel stories with smell of mystery are special attraction for those who love the mystery story. Complicating character that comes from the plot of the story is able to make the story difficult to guess. Naturally, if each story is able to invite curiosity for their readers. Nowadays there have been so many mystery writers who present various mystery stories in their best novels. Mystery of the mystery story always wants to get a new story in the mystery novel that has been present in our midst.

Like Thomas H. Cook where he is a mystery writer who has published some of his best mystery novels. If you still feel curious about the title of the novel, here are the various options for you. Namely:

The Best Mystery Novel With The Tale of a Puzzle

– The Eye Of The Beholder

This one novel tells about an obsession. In this novel tells of a person with the nickname of the Eye where he followed the killer of a woman for over a decade. Certainly the story in this novel is so attached to your mind.

Best Mystery Novel With The Tale of a Puzzle

– A Coffin For Dimitrios

This Situs Judi Bola also provide some information for mystery novel is also interesting for you to read. So do not miss, just a few stories in the novel. Dimistrios is a fictional character from Eric Ambler’s fabulous invention of his life to death. Do not miss to read the mystery story that is in this one novel.

– Confessions

Initially only from a crime story based on the Black Dahlia assassination. Until finally the novel has flowed into a story full of emotion which is equipped with a portrait of Los Angeles in the 1940s. In this one novel tells the story of a story of two brothers where one worked as an army while the other as a pastor. It’s just that in this relationship there has been a very horrible crime. So do not let you miss this interesting mystery novel.

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