References From The Best Mystery Novels

References From The Best Mystery Novels

Speaking of novels is a lot of themes that are usually in stretcher. Whether it’s about romance, family or even a mystery novel. Maybe not many people like the mystery novel. The theme of mystery seems to make the reader reluctant to read it. But for those of you who love the mystery of course do not want to miss it. As a fan of novel stories would want something new just like to read a mystery story that is in the book novel. With an interesting storyline as if able to make the reader seemed lost in the story.

Now a lot of novel solutions of mystery that have been present in our midst. If you still feel confused with the best novel solving mystery. Here are the various choices of novels you need to read. Among them:

  • Affair Next Door

This one novel turns out to be one of the main parts of the journey. Miss Butterworth had in fact solved a complicated case for the first time. He is actually not a detective. He was just a middle-aged woman but seemed to have a lot of experience and even fairly smart. Miss Butterworth is always trying to uncover a riddle about the murder of a young woman in a big house.

  • Lost Man’s Lane

This one novel also became the best mystery novel in the world, especially America. In this novel tells of a strange case has happened to a remote village, especially inland America. Some people suddenly disappear. And the last time they are known to have passed the road. As if the road was suddenly split and then able to swallow people in the less fortunate through the road. Moreover, there is a strange myth about the village is the emergence of ghosts in the train when through a mysterious way.

  • The mystery of yellow Room

Unlike the others, it turns out for this one novel could make the readers feel confused themselves with the great tragedy that occurred. Mr. Leroux in fact able to make the readers seemed to feel drifting with the style of language is fairly beautiful. Moreover he was able to provide an overview of events to detail. It’s just for the readers who are still beginners may still find it difficult to understand it because it uses the French language.

That’s a variety of novels about the mystery that is considered the best and you should read. Actually there are still many mystery stories that have been poured in a novel. It’s just above to be a choice of novels solving the mystery of the best and much in demand because of the plot of the story.

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