Novel Solving Mystery That Makes Curious

Novel Solving Mystery That Makes Curious

All things related to the mystery as if so creepy even had time to invite a sense of curiosity in yourself. Such as a novel thriller that tells of a murder that can make the reader shudder. Nevertheless they still want to continue to read it to find out the ending of the story. A trick that has been raised in the story as if able to make the reader to imagine every existing incident.

Naturally, if some of these mystery novels can make you curious and even more in demand in the market. Usually for thisĀ Bandar bola best-selling novel has a fantasy and drama genre. Surely you can not wait to know the story. If you have the guts, you should really read the following best mystery novels:

novel solving Mystery

– One of Us is Lying

A novel of this one tells about five students with different characters in law simply because they have violated the existing school rules. It’s just that when entered into the penalty room there was one student died just because of a deadly allergic attack. Surely many irregularities encountered in the case of this student’s death.

novel solving Mystery That Makes

– Broken Monster

In this novel tells of the discovery of a deadly beast even strange. The corpse of a man with part of the pink to the bottom can blend with the body of a deer. It must be amazing if we look at it directly.

– We Have Always Lived In The Castle

This one novel tells the story of the two fraternities of Mary Katherine and also Constance. Another family member had died several years ago because of a mass killing by an arsenic poison in sugar. While it turns out Constance is the perpetrator of the murder even he would admit it when in court.

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– The Girl on The Train

This one novel tells the story of a woman has been addicted to alcohol by the name of Rachel Watson. He likes to ride a computer cart even when riding the train he often looked at the people around him. It’s just that he feels obsessed with husband and wife where they are their old neighbors. He feels their life is happy while he still can not move on from his ex.

From a wide selection of novel mysteries above of course you also feel curious to read various mystery stories that exist in the novel. The story is very stressful and even make you curious at all with the plot. So do not miss to try to read the various works of this mystery novel that is considered the best. Certainly many stories you can find in this novel.

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