Here’s a Row of Mystery Novel That Are Already Global And Worth to Read

Here's a Row of Mystery Novel That Are Already Global And Worth to Read

For you the readers of a mystery novel of course always want to get a novel with a new story. Even you also feel challenged once to read a mystery story in a somewhat creepy novel. Now this is already a lot of work started by a novel solving mystery that is present in our midst.

Even from all the novel titles of the mystery story, of course there are several novel titles that have been worldwide. Usually the novel has a lot of interesting interest again in his novel tells the story of the mystery is exciting and also challenging. For those of you who are still confused looking for novel solving mystery with an interesting title even already worldwide. Here are the various options for you novel:

– The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

The novel by Lilian Jackson Braun was first published in 1966. He was named as the best new detective writer. Uniquely in this novel tells of a story of solving the mystery only with the help of Siamese cats. Surely you are very fond of the mystery story does not want to miss this one novel.

– Carrie

Apparently there is another mystery novel that has been worldwide namely Carrie. This one horror novel was first written by Stephen King. Here tells of a shy high school girl even she is willing to use a telekinetic power which has just been found in order to take revenge against the person who has teased her.

– Discloser Mirror Mystery

Novel judi online which is the work of Agatha Cristie is already worldwide and even have a lot of devotees. In a novel it tells of a noble who is quite old in discovering the natural death of a room of his study room which is in the old building. The death of the nobleman was about like a suicide but something unexpected happened.

– Stephanie plum

In a recent novel this is indeed more tense impression. In this novel tells of Dan Brown which invites readers from the secret National Reconnaissance Office to an ice plateau in the Arctic Circle.

– Sherlock holmes

this one novel tells of a murder mystery that has been done by a doctor even the doctor began planning to commit a murder to a detective who has managed to uncover the incident.

That was the various references to the novel solving mystery that has been worldwide and even became a favorite reading for those enthusiasts novel mystery. At least by reading one of the novels above, you are increasingly challenged to continue until the end of the story.

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