This is the Best Novel Mystery by Agatha Christie

The Murder at the VicarageSpeaking of a mystery novel there are certainly a number of writers who are famous for the mystery novels they have written. One of them is a writer named Agatha Christie. A writer of this fact has already presented some novel titles of mystery stories that have attracted many people.

Even the story that has been poured in the novel as if able to make the poker online readers feel very curious about the story that is in it. Many of those who do not want to treat just like the final story of the novel. Of the many novels that have been presented of course there are some mystery novels by Agatha Christie works best and you should read. Here are some options:

– The Murder at the Vicarage

This one novel tells the story of Colonel Protheroe’s murder. With the presence of a rural English backdrop, of course anyone could be the culprit. Until finally the woman who had white hair with the name of Miss Marple able to reveal who actually the perpetrators in the murder case.

And Then There Were None– And Then There Were None

The fans of the Clue game and love the mystery story certainly love this one novel. In the novel contains a story of death one by one from guests who are on the island.
Why Did not They Ask Evans?

In a novel this one tells the story of a handsome man who has ended his life on a cliff. Even then he left some mysterious words, “why not ask Evans? Surely this leaves a number of questions to them. Surely you as a reader even more curious about the story that is in the novel.

Those were the titles of the mystery novel presented by the famous author Agatha Christie. At least with a variety of titles you can read one novel with a very tense story. Do not let you miss just a few stories of mystery in the novel.

The Best Mystery Novel With The Tale of a Puzzle

Novel stories with smell of mystery are special attraction for those who love the mystery story. Complicating character that comes from the plot of the story is able to make the story difficult to guess. Naturally, if each story is able to invite curiosity for their readers. Nowadays there have been so many mystery writers who present various mystery stories in their best novels. Mystery of the mystery story always wants to get a new story in the mystery novel that has been present in our midst.

Like Thomas H. Cook where he is a mystery writer who has published some of his best mystery novels. If you still feel curious about the title of the novel, here are the various options for you. Namely:

The Best Mystery Novel With The Tale of a Puzzle

– The Eye Of The Beholder

This one novel tells about an obsession. In this novel tells of a person with the nickname of the Eye where he followed the killer of a woman for over a decade. Certainly the story in this novel is so attached to your mind.

Best Mystery Novel With The Tale of a Puzzle

– A Coffin For Dimitrios

This Situs Judi Bola also provide some information for mystery novel is also interesting for you to read. So do not miss, just a few stories in the novel. Dimistrios is a fictional character from Eric Ambler’s fabulous invention of his life to death. Do not miss to read the mystery story that is in this one novel.

– Confessions

Initially only from a crime story based on the Black Dahlia assassination. Until finally the novel has flowed into a story full of emotion which is equipped with a portrait of Los Angeles in the 1940s. In this one novel tells the story of a story of two brothers where one worked as an army while the other as a pastor. It’s just that in this relationship there has been a very horrible crime. So do not let you miss this interesting mystery novel.

Here’s a Row of Mystery Novel That Are Already Global And Worth to Read

Here's a Row of Mystery Novel That Are Already Global And Worth to Read

For you the readers of a mystery novel of course always want to get a novel with a new story. Even you also feel challenged once to read a mystery story in a somewhat creepy novel. Now this is already a lot of work started by a novel solving mystery that is present in our midst.

Even from all the novel titles of the mystery story, of course there are several novel titles that have been worldwide. Usually the novel has a lot of interesting interest again in his novel tells the story of the mystery is exciting and also challenging. For those of you who are still confused looking for novel solving mystery with an interesting title even already worldwide. Here are the various options for you novel:

– The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

The novel by Lilian Jackson Braun was first published in 1966. He was named as the best new detective writer. Uniquely in this novel tells of a story of solving the mystery only with the help of Siamese cats. Surely you are very fond of the mystery story does not want to miss this one novel.

– Carrie

Apparently there is another mystery novel that has been worldwide namely Carrie. This one horror novel was first written by Stephen King. Here tells of a shy high school girl even she is willing to use a telekinetic power which has just been found in order to take revenge against the person who has teased her.

– Discloser Mirror Mystery

Novel judi online which is the work of Agatha Cristie is already worldwide and even have a lot of devotees. In a novel it tells of a noble who is quite old in discovering the natural death of a room of his study room which is in the old building. The death of the nobleman was about like a suicide but something unexpected happened.

– Stephanie plum

In a recent novel this is indeed more tense impression. In this novel tells of Dan Brown which invites readers from the secret National Reconnaissance Office to an ice plateau in the Arctic Circle.

– Sherlock holmes

this one novel tells of a murder mystery that has been done by a doctor even the doctor began planning to commit a murder to a detective who has managed to uncover the incident.

That was the various references to the novel solving mystery that has been worldwide and even became a favorite reading for those enthusiasts novel mystery. At least by reading one of the novels above, you are increasingly challenged to continue until the end of the story.

Dare You Read This Mystery Novel Story

For you who love the mystery story of course is no longer a daunting challenge for you. Unlike you who have never read a novel solving the mystery of course will feel fears. Even this mystery novel is also able to make your heart pounding. If you still confused to find the most challenging mystery solving novel.

Here are myriad of mystery novels you need to read, guaranteed you will not be able to sleep if the lights are on. Among them:

Read This Mystery Novel Story

– Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

A novel of this mystery has become a best seller where this novel has raised a story about Ani. This woman is about 28 years old who already has a fairly complete life. It’s just that he had experienced a tragedy that is considered very dark even scary when his high school time.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

– Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This one novel is no less mystical than the others. In this novel tells of an island that is considered mystical, even there are various photos full of mystery where there is an orphanage that is not neglected. Even in a novel is inserted some photos that can make readers fear.

Mystery Novel Story

– Dark Places by Gillian Flyn

The author of the novel is the same as Gone Girl. In a novel, Gillian Flynn has raised a rural-style social issue that existed in the United States around the 1980s. But there is a requirement of poverty as well as a cult as devil worshipers. Until finally he was able to summarize it through the story of Libby Day where a person has survived from this most tense period.

Novel Story

– The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

Do not let you be fooled by the name of the author. Because this time the author is actually J.K.Rowling.novel this one does contain a story full of mystery. Even in this novel tells of Cormoran Strike, where he is a detective in charge of investigating a suicide case from a super model.

story– Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

There is another mystery judi bola novel by Stephen King with the title doctor sleep. This one novel actually focuses more on Dan Torrance who has now become an adult man. I think you will find it hard to sleep when you read the story in this novel.

That’s the various references to the mystery novel that will make you feel scared and even worse you will be hard to sleep. So for those of you who are curious there is no harm in trying to read one of these novels.

Novel Solving Mystery That Makes Curious

Novel Solving Mystery That Makes Curious

All things related to the mystery as if so creepy even had time to invite a sense of curiosity in yourself. Such as a novel thriller that tells of a murder that can make the reader shudder. Nevertheless they still want to continue to read it to find out the ending of the story. A trick that has been raised in the story as if able to make the reader to imagine every existing incident.

Naturally, if some of these mystery novels can make you curious and even more in demand in the market. Usually for this Bandar bola best-selling novel has a fantasy and drama genre. Surely you can not wait to know the story. If you have the guts, you should really read the following best mystery novels:

novel solving Mystery

– One of Us is Lying

A novel of this one tells about five students with different characters in law simply because they have violated the existing school rules. It’s just that when entered into the penalty room there was one student died just because of a deadly allergic attack. Surely many irregularities encountered in the case of this student’s death.

novel solving Mystery That Makes

– Broken Monster

In this novel tells of the discovery of a deadly beast even strange. The corpse of a man with part of the pink to the bottom can blend with the body of a deer. It must be amazing if we look at it directly.

– We Have Always Lived In The Castle

This one novel tells the story of the two fraternities of Mary Katherine and also Constance. Another family member had died several years ago because of a mass killing by an arsenic poison in sugar. While it turns out Constance is the perpetrator of the murder even he would admit it when in court.

novel solving

– The Girl on The Train

This one novel tells the story of a woman has been addicted to alcohol by the name of Rachel Watson. He likes to ride a computer cart even when riding the train he often looked at the people around him. It’s just that he feels obsessed with husband and wife where they are their old neighbors. He feels their life is happy while he still can not move on from his ex.

From a wide selection of novel mysteries above of course you also feel curious to read various mystery stories that exist in the novel. The story is very stressful and even make you curious at all with the plot. So do not miss to try to read the various works of this mystery novel that is considered the best. Certainly many stories you can find in this novel.

References From The Best Mystery Novels

References From The Best Mystery Novels

Speaking of novels is a lot of themes that are usually in stretcher. Whether it’s about romance, family or even a mystery novel. Maybe not many people like the mystery novel. The theme of mystery seems to make the reader reluctant to read it. But for those of you who love the mystery of course do not want to miss it. As a fan of novel stories would want something new just like to read a mystery story that is in the book novel. With an interesting storyline as if able to make the reader seemed lost in the story.

Now a lot of novel solutions of mystery that have been present in our midst. If you still feel confused with the best novel solving mystery. Here are the various choices of novels you need to read. Among them:

  • Affair Next Door

This one novel turns out to be one of the main parts of the journey. Miss Butterworth had in fact solved a complicated case for the first time. He is actually not a detective. He was just a middle-aged woman but seemed to have a lot of experience and even fairly smart. Miss Butterworth is always trying to uncover a riddle about the murder of a young woman in a big house.

  • Lost Man’s Lane

This one novel also became the best mystery novel in the world, especially America. In this novel tells of a strange case has happened to a remote village, especially inland America. Some people suddenly disappear. And the last time they are known to have passed the road. As if the road was suddenly split and then able to swallow people in the less fortunate through the road. Moreover, there is a strange myth about the village is the emergence of ghosts in the train when through a mysterious way.

  • The mystery of yellow Room

Unlike the others, it turns out for this one novel could make the readers feel confused themselves with the great tragedy that occurred. Mr. Leroux in fact able to make the readers seemed to feel drifting with the style of language is fairly beautiful. Moreover he was able to provide an overview of events to detail. It’s just for the readers who are still beginners may still find it difficult to understand it because it uses the French language.

That’s a variety of novels about the mystery that is considered the best and you should read. Actually there are still many mystery stories that have been poured in a novel. It’s just above to be a choice of novels solving the mystery of the best and much in demand because of the plot of the story.